Marriage advice gained from a chiropractor?

On a recent trip to the chiropractor we gained some information that majorly changed our relationship. We learned about subluxations or the acquired misalignments of the spine and this helped us see our marriage in a new light and helped us develop strategies to keep it strong and subluxation free. Here’s how.

What are subluxations?

Subluxation – we learned – are acquired spinal misalignments that puts pressure on the enclosed nerves. The symptoms of subluxations can sometimes manifest as pain, for example back, neck or foot pain. However since only fifteen percent of the spinal nerves are pain-nerves most of the time subluxations persist in seeming “silence”.

As our chiropractor explained: “You survive through chronic bad posture, falls and accidents just fine and then one day you bend down to pick up a pen and your back goes out and you are really surprised how that can happen. Well with subluxations often the disease forms before symptoms appear.”

Often we fail to connect an increased frequency of indigestion or the need to urinate or heart palpitations or numbness in the fingertips or even persistent blues to a mostly painless vertebral dislocation that happened when we slipped and fell in the bathtub five months ago. Over time untreated and seemingly painless subluxations lead to a partial or complete loss of functionality of the organs and body-parts serviced by the affected nerves.

Our relationship/marriage can experience subluxation

In a marriage or relationship, seemingly small things can add up and lead to misalignments or misunderstandings which if allowed to persist can make the relationship dysfunctional.

We are often advised to hold our tongue, bury our misunderstandings or let it go for the sake of temporary peace. However often even when we think we have “let it go” these feelings of hurt or annoyance builds up under and surface and over time slowly pinches off the communication and flow of love. Then one day when we wake up and start to yell at our spouse for leaving the toilet seat up and they respond in like by ridiculing our choice of breakfast we realize that our relationship is dysfunctional.

Now what?

In chiropractic terms, the road to a better health requires commitment from both the doctor and the patient. It starts with establishing a treatment plan, followed by consistently progressing through the the phases of treatment because each treatment builds on the one before.

Likewise the road to a better marriage or relationship requires commitment from both partners and establishment of a plan.

The Plan

1. The approach. If you have realized that your relationship is borderline or fully dysfunctional it is more than likely that your partner knows this as well. However you don’t want to start the conversation on the wrong foot by blurting out those four big anxiety provoking words: “We need to talk”. Instead try a softer “I’ve an idea that I think can help us get closer together and I would love to hear what you think about it.”


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